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I know this technically is not a fat bike ride, but I had to make an exception just for this one.

Submitted By: Cru Jones

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0.4 miles – BMX Track – Cochrane, Alberta

Highlights: The most diabolical combination of jumps, turns and obstacles yet created to test the world’s best BMX riders.

Trailhead: The Hell Track course is located at Bowness Park in Cochrane. At the trailhead you find parking for a couple hundred vehicles, picnic area, playground and modern restrooms. The track is just east of the parking area. There is also a grandstand next to the track for spectators. Before riding make sure to stop by the Rad Racing booth and get a t-shirt from my sister Wesley. Also, when you pass by the Mongoose Bicycle booth on the way don’t forget to flip off Mr. Duke Best.

GPS: 51.097981, -114.218248

The Ride: Okay dudes let’s walk this sucker…the start of this ride is easy to find. Just look for the wall with the big red “HELL TRACK” letters painted on it. Before you start this ride I should tell you that it is best to pretend that you are in a lumber yard and go balls out!

Make to sure focus on this 3 story drop and then head straight down. Right at the base of the wall you will hit 2 big rollers and then go into a sharp left and right hand berms. From here you will want to watch your head as you ride underneath the Vans table-top. A big U-shaped berm then turns you back around and sends you under the entrance ramp for the cliff hanger. Another hard left then takes you up and over the Vans table-top at about 0.15 miles into the ride.

You will want to be careful to pick a good line as you get into a short moguls section next. After clearing the moguls take the bank to the right and then the trail turns back left on a huge berm with a wooden extension at the top to keep you from making a dramatic exit from the track. This berm spits you into a straight whoops section at 0.25 miles. By this point of the ride your legs are really starting to burn as the track banks back left and into the Kix cereal bowl. Take some speed down into the bowl so you can jump off the end of the spoon on to the backside of the exit ramp.

Next the trail swings back and forth several times in the S-turns. If you watch close you will find a sweet short cut here that will make “Hulk Hogan eat his heart out.” Coming out of the S-turns you will have to climb up and over the biggest roller on the course at 0.35 miles. Then you start climbing the wood entrance ramp up to the cliff hanger. Take as much speed as you can over the top of the ramp as you drop down into half-pipe. They call this the cliff hanger because the opposite side of the pipe has about a 6 foot section missing right at the vert. “Like in baseball here you are either safe or you are out.” If you successfully clear the gap take a left and you will be back to the start of the ride on top of the wall at about 0.4 miles.

This ride a usually done in a sets of 4 laps so drop back in for 3 more. Technically the ride ends on the second roller at the bottom wall after your 4th lap. If you can throw a 3 off the top of the last roller at finish do it. It doesn’t even matter if you can’t land it clean. Nice ride, now that we are official I think got room on the Rad Team for you.

Ride Map:


Post Ride Beverage: The benevolent organizer of this great event, Mr Duke Best will be holding a special winners party, All refreshments are free and of course you are all invited. Christian and I may even do some bicycle boogie later in the night if Send Me an Angel comes on.

In the Area: If you are looking for another good place to ride try the lumber yard on the outskirts of town. After this head down to the river for some ass sliding to cool off.

More: Learn more about the stars of RAD in Bill Allen’s book: My RAD Career


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