Getting ready to roll the fatty On The Edge in Copper Harbor, MI.

I am sure you will all find it hard to believe that the FatTireTracks.com empire is a one man show.  My friends call me: “Big Fat Bri.”  Okay, actually no one calls me that. I wanted to come up with a cool handle for the website, but I couldn’t think of anything good.

I picked up my fat bike in 2012.  I had been looking at the bikes for a couple years.  Then one fine day while eating my lunch and surfing Craigslist I found a rare Surly Moonlander in my size for sale a couple hours away.  I had already decided that if I was going to go fat, I was going all the way, and back then the Moonie was the only bike sporting the 4.7 inch tires.  The beach is only a few minutes from my door and I knew the extra floatation would be good for someone that spends most of the year weighing in north of 200 lbs.  After thinking about it for couple days and test riding the only Pugsley at a local bike shop I decided to empty our bank account and pull the trigger.

Right away I wished I had gone fat sooner.  Before I got this bike I just could not see dropping all that money on something that I would only use a couple months in the winter and for an occasional ride down the beach.  I soon found that the fat bike was the only thing I wanted to ride.  Even in the summer I didn’t want to give up all the extra traction for ripping around corners and going up steep climbs.  I felt so fast that I was thinking I could have beat Crew Jones around Hell Track.  Now it is my only ride and the plan is to stay forever fat.

A little more about me…I am old, but in my head I still think I am 22, right up until my body quickly lets me know different.  My wife would probably say I am borderline immature, but I think as soon as you start acting old you start getting old.  We have 3 kids so I don’t get to ride even half as much as I would like and I have to try and act like a responsible adult way too often.  We live in West Michigan close enough to Lake Michigan that we can fall asleep listing to the waves on a windy night.  Our family loves to be outside and we spend most vacations camping around our home State.  You will find some of our family adventures on our blog at: MyMichiganTrips.com.

Someday, if I retire, I would like to try writing outdoor guide books.  The only problem is that I pretty much suck at writing, so I figured this website hobby would be a good way to practice.  It is also a good excuse to research and get out and ride new places on my fat bike.

Wow!  This got a lot longer than I thought and I am sure most of you have already stopped reading so I think i will shut it down.

Forever Fat,

Contact me at:fat-tire-con-small

Advertising Disclosure: Some of the products and services that we recommend on this site are affiliate links.  This means if you click this link for the Amazon Cycling Page, or our Amazon sidebar, and make a purchase they will send us a few nickles.  It doesn’t cost you anything and you will be contributing a great cause! The Specialized Fatboy 20 fund for my son.  Who needs a tax free college fund when you could have a kids fat bike instead?



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